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Salsa Verde Pork Sandwich

Customize these sandwiches with your favorite cheese and condiments.  Use your slow cooker to make a batch of the Salsa Verde shredded pork.


4 ciabatta rolls, split
Salsa Verde Shredded Pork (see recipe below)
Lettuce or spinach
4 slices of your favorite cheese (we like gouda or provolone)


Layer each roll with a generous amount of the Salsa Verde shredded pork, be sure to get some of the cooking liquid. Top with cheese, lettuce or spinach. Add you favorite condiments like sliced onions, mustard, mayo or pickles.

For the Salsa Verde Shredded Pork:
1 Jar Sutter Buttes Salsa Verde Simmer Sauce
2 Tbsp Sutter Buttes Chili Lime Seasoning
1 Tsp Kosher Salt
1 pork loin (2.5 – 3 lbs) trimmed of excess fat

In a slow cooker, stir together salsa, chili lime seasoning and salt. Add pork and turn to coat, spooning additional liquid over the top of the meat.  Cook, covered, until meat is cooked through and fork-tender, 4 hours on high or 8 hours on low. Remove meat to a large plate and shred with two forks.  Return shredded pork to slow cooker and stir into cooking liquid.

Salsa Verde Pork Sandwich