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Chocolate Strawberry Brownie Trifle

This super easy dessert looks impressive.  Assemble them in large, fancy wine or cocktail glasses to up the WOW factor.  When fresh strawberries aren’t in season, you can substitute with frozen, thawed berries.


1 Package Sutter Buttes Double Chocolate Brownies prepared according to package directions. Cooled and cut into 2” cubes.
1 jar Sutter Buttes Dark Chocolate Sauce
4 tbsp Kahlua OR milk
8 oz of fresh strawberries topped, cored and sliced
Powdered Sugar
Whipped Cream (or 1 ¼ cup of cool whip)
1 cup of chilled whipping cream
1 tbsp sugar
1 ½ tsp vanilla extract


Whipped Cream (if you’re not using cool whip):
Combine the chilled whipping cream, sugar and vanilla extract in a bowl. Using a balloon whisk, or a hand held mixer (with a whisk attachment) on low speed, whisk the whipping cream until it thickens and reaches the soft peak stage.

Mix the Dark Chocolate Sauce with the Kahlua, or milk instead to make the recipe non-alcoholic. Assemble 4 x 12 ounce glasses (or 14 ounce glasses).  Place a layer of chocolate brownies at the bottom. Top with a layer of chocolate mixture (about 3 tbsp). Sprinkle some of the chopped strawberries (optional – dust with powdered sugar to make the strawberries sweeter). Top with whipped cream. Repeat one more time with these layers. Refrigerate until ready to serve. Top with extra strawberries before serving and dust with powdered sugar to finish.

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