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Wine, Cheese and Olive Oil Tasting Party

Plan a Wine, Cheese, and Olive Oil Tasting Party!

We love supporting local producers, so this in itself is a great start for a theme. Also, choose from one type of cheese, either cow, goat or sheep, so your guests can distinguish the different flavors. Same for the olive oils, select a number of mono-varietals so guests can taste the variations in the fruit. Throw in a flavored oil for fun!

Tips for your Cheese Display:

  • Find a large board of some sort to display your cheeses.
  • Center the cheese wedges on the board and have some cut up as well so it’s easier for people to dig in. Choose cheese with different textures and flavors. Use different knives for different cheeses to ensure the flavors don’t mix. Cheese tags are fun to use so people know what they’re tasting.
  • Add fruit! Grapes, figs, pears and dried fruits all work well. Brushing your grapes with lemon juice and sprinkling them with sugar gives an added touch for holiday presentations.
  • Add nuts such as pistachios in small bowls, honey and honeycomb alongside the cheese, well paired jams and a good quality balsamic for drizzling.
  • Have a basket of crackers and crostini on hand and you are all set.

Pairing Suggestions:

Arek KazmierczakWine, Cheese and Olive Oil Tasting Party