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Sweet Treats- Valentines Day Platter

Here’s our take on the grazing board craze… A dessert board. Who doesn’t love to graze on a variety of sweets? Our suggestions on how to create your very own. 


The possibilities are endless. Focus on a group of desserts or pick a theme. We suggest a variety of items. Fresh fruit, cookies, dipping sauces, candies, chocolates, and any other bakery items that you like. Note that it doesn’t have to be all homemade! Make one or two baked goods and fill in the rest with a variety of store-bought products. Also, presentation is key so try moving/arranging products around until you are satisfied with the look.


For our platter (pictured above) we used:

Fresh strawberries

Sutter Buttes Dark Chocolate Sauce

Sutter Buttes Sea Salt Caramel Sauce

Heart-shaped jelly beans and chocolates (to stay with our Valentines theme)

Chocolate Truffles

Strawberry apricot thumbprint cookies

Sugar wafer cookies

Sutter Buttes Double Chocolate Brownies


Chocolate Chips (to fill in any open spaces throughout)


Arek KazmierczakSweet Treats- Valentines Day Platter