Porcini Truffle Tapenade


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Product Description

Earthy and Rich

Our Porcini Truffle Tapenade a mushroom lovers’ dream come true. We use both porcini and truffle infused olive oils to create this flavorful tapenade.

Serving Suggestions: 

Serve as a simple appetizer with artisan crackers or bread.  Stir heaping tablespoons into steaming pasta, soup, or stew. Blend into your mashed potatoes or over rice.  Great as a topping for pizza, sandwiches or burgers.

Paring Recommendations:

Sutter Buttes Fresh Harvest Garlic Olive Oil

Our Porcini & Truffle tapenade is the mushroom lovers dream come true. Perfect on pasta, poultry, sandwiches, bruschetta and on an appetizer platter.