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Tuscan Chicken

This creamy Tuscan chicken recipe is fast, easy, and totally delicious. You will love the creamy sauce with sun-dried tomatoes, basil, and fresh spinach! Ready in 25 minutes. 


2 large chicken breasts sliced lengthwise

Salt & pepper to taste

1/2 teaspoon garlic powder

2 tablespoons Sutter Buttes olive oil

Sutter Buttes Tuscan Sun-Dried Tomato Sauce

2 cups (loosely packed) fresh baby spinach

1/4 cup sun-dried tomatoes

1 tablespoon fresh basil chopped    


Cut the chicken in half lengthwise. Sprinkle with salt & pepper and garlic powder on both sides. Heat the oil in a skillet over medium-high heat. Once hot, add the chicken and cook for 4-5 minutes/side or until golden. Take the chicken out of the pan and set aside. Add Sutter Buttes Tuscan Sun-dried tomato sauce to the pan.  Heat for a minute.  Add spinach and sun-dried tomatoes. Add the chicken back to the pan. Cook for 5 minutes or until the chicken is fully cooked through and spinach is wilted. Stir in the basil and season with extra salt & pepper if needed. 

Serve immediately with pasta, mashed potatoes or rice.

Arek KazmierczakTuscan Chicken