Garlic Herb Dipping Sauce


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Product Description

Sweet and Garlicky

From our kitchen to your table, our Traditional Balsamic Garlic-Herb Dipping Sauce will delight all of your senses. We combine our fresh and fruity Olive Oil and our Traditional Aged Balsamic Vinegar with a selection of our favorite herbs and spices to create this irresistible dipping sauce. Slightly sweet and fruity, with a rich bite and a garlicky finish, it will leave your mouth asking for more. So versatile, you can use this as a salad dressing and marinade.

Serving Suggestions:

Shake well and serve with warm crusty bread. Drizzle on your favorite salads, vegetables, mashed potatoes, and fine cheeses. Perfect for roasted tomatoes and pork. Use as a marinade for meats and chicken.

Pairing Recommendations:

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